Frequently Asked Questions

● How does billing and shipping work?

We are a monthly subscription, this means you are re-billed every month. When you purchase your first box, your card is charged immediately. Re-billing for future boxes always occurs after you receive your box. You will be re-billed on the 9th of each month and boxes will be shipped out during the first week of each month. To receive the "current" box, you must sign up on or before the last day of the previous month. For example, in order to get the "October box", you must sign up on or before the last day in September.

We use Royal Mail to ship your box and you will receive an email from us once your box has been dispatched, letting you know when your sensory goodies are on their way!

● Can I cancel my subscription and/or receive a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription! Our subscription options do not lock you into a contract, so if you ever need to close your subscription, you can cancel anytime by logging into your account or emailing us at admin@mysensorycrate.com

What is the cancellation period?

You have 14 days to cancel your subscription. During this cancellation period, you will need to contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to help you. For your 2nd and subsequent boxes, cancellations are open from the day of despatch and for 14 days thereafter. Following this period, you will not be able to cancel your next box as it will be in the process of shipping.

I have cancelled my subscription within 14 days but my My Sensory Crate has been dispatched?

If a cancellation is made within the 14 day period but a My Sensory Crate has been dispatched then please contact our Customer Service team to arrange a return for a refund.

Cancelling a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription

Cancelling a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription will only result in completion at the end of the chosen subscription plan, all boxes will continue to dispatch up until this point and then the subscription will not renew. Please check our Terms & Conditions for further information.

My order has arrived damaged, what do I do? 

If you have received your My Sensory Crate damaged, please contact Customer Service through your online account to provide a photo of the order and a brief explanation as to the detail of the damage. Our Customer Service team will then be able to assist you and provide a suitable resolution.

I’ve returned my My Sensory Crate and have not received my refund/replacement.

Your refund or replacement will be issued as soon as we have had confirmation from our warehouse that your return has been received. We will then send an email to update you as to the action that has been taken and any expected timeframes.

● Whats inside My Sensory Crate?

Each month you will receive a fantastic surprise assortment of sensory toys and activities for your child.  Examples of the contents include putty, wooden toys, aromatherapy, light up toys, textured tactile toys/fidgets, arts and crafts activities, etc. 

● Who can benefit from My Sensory Crate?

This incredible box of sensory goodies is intended for children who are on the autism spectrum and/or children with sensory processing disorders. Children with emotional needs/disturbances (such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness, ADHD, excessive anxiety, anger management issues, poor coping skills) can also benefit from the items in this box. Toys are also selected to help with the development of motor skills and speech.

● Can I get just one box?

Absolutely! If you would like to try out our box or send one as a gift without having to worry about auto renewals, all you have to do is select the month-to-month plan and on the checkout page, click the "This is a gift" box. Once selected, you will also have the option to click the box for "Automatically renew this subscription". As long as you don’t click the “Automatically renew this subscription" box, your purchase won’t automatically renew. You can use this method if you’d also like to pay for a 3 month subscription and not have it renew.

● How do I contact you?

You can contact us anytime at admin@mysensorycrate.com. Additionally, you may also try to contact us through our Facebook page. We care greatly about our customers and the  service they receive, therefore, we will reply to you within one (1) business day.

● Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we ship within the United Kingdom and Ireland. We hope to ship to the rest of Europe in the near future! However there is currently no specific time frame for when that will be, but we will definitely make the proper announcement when the time comes!

● What age group are these boxes for?

The box contains toys and activities aimed at children aged 4-12. However we understand that children with special needs are unique and have varying levels of independence and rates of development, as such these numbers should be treated as a guideline. You may need to provide more assistance and guidance to your child for certain contents of the box (such as craft activities or fine motor based activities). 

Many of the items in My Sensory Crate are appropriate for children of ALL ages. Sensory play is fun, and fun often has no age limits! Tactile fidgets may be just as useful for adults to help them focus as they are for our children. We believe that sensory items can benefit everyone!